Cooking shows

Cooking shows at the Cretan Gastronomy Center 

Special cooking shows are organized at the Cretan Gastronomy Center with the participation of a local traditional cook. Our aim is to demonstrate how an old and traditional recipe is prepared hands on with the centers visitors. 

The workshops are organized in order to keep the culinary culture and the history of the Cretan diet alive as well as promote these recipes that date back in the Cretan history and their strong bond to our tradition and our handicraft arts. 

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Free entrance is provided at all our events

Up to this day we have prepared the following themed events:

  1. Ksinohondros 
  2. Moustalevria – Tradition Must cream 
  3. Handmade soap from olive oil 
  4. Recipes based on peanut peasant products 
  5. Traditional dry chickpeas – snack- 
  6. Recipes from early 19th century from Ottoman Cretan Population 
  7. Traditional Christmas pastry – Melomakarona 
  8. Eastern Eggs colored by natural vegetables and herbs  
  9. Sweet Madinades – traditional confectionery